Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Hygiene and Ecology №4

Scientific activity

The main directions in scientific activity of department under supervision of professor Tsyprian V.I. were the study on actual nutrition for certain groups of population in Ukraine, scientific grounds for population alimentary prevention from action of ionizing radiation in radioactive contaminated territories, detection of widespread nutrient deficits among population and their prevention. 10 works (1 doctoral and 9 candidate’s dissertations) were defended pursuant to scientific researches. The employees of department developed the prescriptions and production technologies of drinks for therapeutic and preventive nutrition, which novelty was confirmed by significant number of patents.

The scientific researches by professor Omelchuk S.T. relate to standardization of exogenous chemical substances, including pesticides, in environmental media (food products, water, ambient air, air of working area).

The complete hygienic standardization for a number of new substances was held under his supervision, as well as more than 1,500 hygienic regulations and procedures for safe application of chemical plant-protecting agents were developed and approved, more than 60 methods on determination for residual amounts of plant protecting agents in different media of biosphere were developed and implemented into activity of establishments from sanitary epidemiological service.

Professor Omelchuk S.T. actively helps young specialists in formation of their scientific priorities, runs the training for authors of dissertation. 5 dissertations were defended under his supervision.

Scientific activity of department

1. Study and assessment on actual nutrition of population in Ukraine.

2. Scientific grounds for referential food ration.

3. Alimentary prevention of iron deficit states, adiposity, oncologic diseases.

4. Scientific grounds for prescriptions, production technologies, indices for quality and safety of dietary and preventive food products.