Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Hygiene and Ecology №4

Academic methodological activity

The department carries out the academic methodological activity in many directions. The following disciplines as “General hygiene and ecology” are taught to students in dental faculty, “Hygiene, ecology and labor protection in medicine” to students in medical psychological faculty, “Medicine of emergencies” to medical faculties No 3, 4, FTDAFU, “Science of nutrition”, “Organization of therapeutic and preventive nutrition” to students in different faculties, “Food hygiene” to students in medical faculty No 4. The classes with doctors-interns, doctors and teachers from ATF in direction “Food hygiene” are held.

Performance of practical class by assistant professor O.V. Kuzminska in the 2nd course of dental faculty.

The teachers of department took an active part in development of state standards for education (EQC, EOP), other regulatory and instructive documents due to order from ministries, state committees, academies of sciences, etc. The employees at department make the significant contribution into development and improvement in teaching the discipline, having composed the first national textbooks “Science of nutrition” (2002), textbook in two volumes “Food hygiene with basics for science of nutrition” (2007) that became the basis for acknowledgment of department as supportive one by MHC of Ukraine. In 2010 the department also published 2 study guides, which are recommended by Ministry of education and science and Ministry of health care of Ukraine to students in dental faculties at higher medical schools: “Hygiene of dental establishments” (for national students) and “Hygienic and Epidemiological Demands for Dental clinics” (for students in English speaking form of study). Three collections of guidelines “Hygiene and ecology” (2009) were also published in English language.

The employees at department developed and approved the new curricula and academic programs for students in higher medical schools in Ukraine of III-IV accreditation levels, interns with specialty food hygiene, dentistry and medical psychology at MHC of Ukraine.