Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Pediatrics postgraduate education

Students’ scientific club

The students’ scientific club at department exists since 1946. The head at department, assistant professors, and experienced assistants managed the club. From 15 up to 28 students worked there every year. While developing the topics, students, in addition to literature review, provide the data from their own observations for patients and use the archival materials of clinic. Some scientific tasks have the clinical laboratory character. Students execute the results from work in the form of reports that were prepared under supervision of professors, assistant professors and assistants at department. Every year 8-15 works are reported at scientific students’ faculty and institute conferences, which are awarded with charters for many times. A number of works is periodically reported in conferences at different level. The results from work of members in the club are published in theses of conferences, and together with teachers – in journals. Evening clinical rounds are held, at which the patients are demonstrated and their detailed clinical discussion is carried out. Students take an active part in examination of patients. The work in the club assists to increase in general level in medical development of student.

The students’ scientific club at department was awarded with Charter of honor as the best club of faculty for many times.

Since 1946 until 2011 over 1000 students took an active part in the work of students’ scientific club. Many of them after graduation from the institute received diplomas with honors, were recommended to scientific work, and continued their improvement in postgraduate course or clinical residency (over 100 students). A number of former active members in the club worked and are working in KMI, KMAPE, SRI of POG at the posts of assistants, assistant professors and heads at departments (Chebotareva V.D., Lukyanova E.M., Vasylyeva K.N., Zvonaryova G.N., Zykova O.L., Yeryomenko A.A., Kostin A.S., Dashkovska V.Y., Shulzhenko G.I., Viktorov A.P., Borysenko M.Y., Marushko Yu.V., Slukvin I.I., Ivanov D.I., et al.).

Assistant professor, Doctor of Medicine Borysenko M.I. is responsible for work of the students’ scientific club.