Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Physical Education and Health


Year of establishment: 1929

Address: prospekt Peremogy 34, Kyiv

Head of Department: department of physical training, associate professor Taras P Gusev

Phone: (044) 454-4974

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The necessity for the active using of one of the most important means of health, disease prevention and health promotion – physical training provoked the introduction of the system of a physical training course, which included not only physical training, but also the teaching of medical monitoring and therapeutic physical training.

In Kiev medical institute such a course was organized in 1929. Its first director was the PhD Associate Professor L.O Fink.

The program of the obligatory courses in physical training was assumed to familiarize students with medical-biological foundations of physical education, preparation and submission standards of GTO complex of I and II stages.

At the beginning of the Department organization the practical studies of the physical education course were held in a gym in the hostel at the address Heroes of the Revolution Str., 4a, and in the gym at the hospital named after the October revolution. The trainings in athletics were carried out on the “Red Stadium”.

In 1936, at the address of Lenina Str., 37, two gyms were equipped, the playground for sports games was organized in the courtyard.

In 1944 – 1952 combined department of physical education with a course of medical supervision and physical therapy was led by associate professor I.A Elhard, in 1952 – 1955 – by associate professor M.V Korablyov, in 1955 – 1956 – by professor V.V Petrovskyj.

In addition to the classes of physical education, the Department conducted a large mass sports work together with the sports club.

In 1950, it was developed and approved the regulations about comprehensive annual Sports contests, which since 1951 has become the traditional one for our university. An important event in the life of the department and the institute was the construction in 1957/58 academic year of the stadium and some sports fields on the territory near the morphological building. In addition, by the forces of sporting activists it was held the sports camp, which is located in the picturesque surroundings of Kyiv.

Since 1957 the scientific and educational work has been significantly expanded in the department led by Professor G.I Krasnoselskiy. Beginning from 1957 the students have been involved to conduct scientific work in the department. These young people are working in the student scientific circle.

The department was expanded because of the considerable training effort of highly qualified medical specialists in sports medicine and physical therapy, extensive development of research, further growth of sports media and sports and recreation activities. That is why it was necessary to divide the department into two separate departments: Physical Education and Sports, Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. It was made in 1960 by the special order of the Ministry of Health and Higher Education of the USSR.

Since 1961 the Department of Physical Education and Health of National Medical University has had its own indoor sports facilities: a sports complex that includes the halls for gaming and lifter bars, as well as gyms and aerobics rooms.

In different years the department was led by associate professor Mykola S. Babets, Georgy K. Cherevyshnya (research interests included morphological features of chromatin in human cells), PhD, associate professor M.P.Pohulyay (research interests included the formation vestibular stability of athletes), Doctor of Science, Professor V.P.Murza (research interests included the using of exercise in the treatment of tuberculosis patients with congenital heart diseases), Doctor of Biology, Professor M.M.Filippov (research interests included the study of functional reserves of physical performance and compensation mechanisms and etiology of hypoxia stress ). Now head of the department is Associate Professor Taras P. Gusev (research interests include the characteristics of physical improving of university students studying at medical profile).

Scientific researches of the department are studying the exercise effect on mental activity, the formation of professionally-applied physical training of doctors, content development of physical education for she-students taking into account the phases of the menstrual cycle and so on.

The department is known for its sporting achievements. Thus, in 1970s the rhythmic gymnastics team of Kyiv Medical Institute became a repeated champion in Kyiv, All-Union competition among medical schools, in the 80’s the combined teams in basketball and volleyball won among the combined teams of many cities of the USSR. Famous achievements were in the athletes, they were champions of Ukraine, winner of the USSR among medical schools.

Over the years the department has repeatedly changed its name, but the content of its activity hasn’t been changed. Along with the training of specialists for health care the department trains the category sportsmen.

Nowadays the scientific and teaching staff of the department consists of 21 persons, including 4 professors, 3 PhD, 1 Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine, one Honored Sports Master, 6 sport masters.

Up to the present day all students of first and second courses and partly senior students have educational discipline under the name of “Physical Education” (160 hours per year).

In order to organize and perform the practical lessons of physical education the students are divided into the education departments: general physical training, sports improvement and special medical.

Up the April 1, 2011 the practical training in physical education was attended by more than 5,000 students.

In the University the most advanced sports are weight sport (Honored coach of Ukraine, professor Scherbyna J.V), football (Coach – Senior Lecturer Y.D. Cherniavskyi) and basketball (coach – Senior Lecturer M.S. Zadorozhnyy). The most massive sporting event is cross where every year about two thousand students of NMU take place.


University students participate actively in intercollegiate University Games, sports competitions in different sports among high school students. Over 500 students of NMU are actively engaged in sports clubs (weight sport, basketball, table tennis, chess, futsal, powerlifting, track and field, volleyball, football, aerobics, dance sports, etc.). More than 2,000 students annually take part in various sports competition. Every year the university holds the competition in 12 sports among teams faculties. Traditionally, the university has a chess tournament for the Cup of NMU Rector, futsal tournament for the prizes of the newspaper “Medical personnel”, championships in swimming and table tennis. There are traditional friendly meeting with team sports between teams of professors and students. Every year more and more foreign students studying in the NMU take part in mass events in various sports.

In 2009 NMU started the Student Games, included seven sports. There each year the teams from different universities of Kyiv take part. .

Combined teams in various sports regularly take part in the championships of the City Department of Physical Education and Sport (badminton, swimming, chess, cross, lifting, basketball, badminton, volleyball, arm-wrestling, etc.), Ukrainian National Sports Contests among universities of Public Health Ministry of Ukraine, Championships of Ukraine in sports, international competitions. They regularly win prizes.

It should be noted that at the Department the outstanding people in our country are working. Among them are Honored Sports Master, twice champion of the XXI-XXII Olympic Games (handball), thrice winner of world championships, 7-times winner of the European Cup, 11-times champion of the USSR, an honorary member of the NOC of Ukraine professor N.L.Tymoshkina, as well as the record breaker of Guinness World Records, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine, Honored coach of Ukraine, Sports Master, President of the International Federation of weight lifting assistant professor Scherbyna Y.

The best athletes of our university in recent years are Sport Master Olga Ray who is the champion of Ukraine (2006) and World (2004) in weightlifting sport; Sports Master Tatiana Kozhushko, who is the bronze medalist in the World (2007); Sport Master Olena Semenova, who is the world champion in the weight lifting baton (2007); Reza Naruzian, who is the winner of the world championship among juniors in weightlifting sport (2009); Sport Master of the International class Jaroslav Rozkladka who is the world champion in diving (2006); multiple prize winner of the stages of may World Championships (2006-2010); Sport Master Hanna Habina, who is a prize winner of Europe among juniors in spear throwing (2009), champion of Ukraine (2008), a member of the World Championship in Athletics (2010).


The material and technical bases for the students’ physical education as well as the organizational and methodological one are constantly in the university. Sports buildings and grounds are organized, sports equipment is improved. It has been created the Comprehensive Plan of mass sports work and sports and recreational activities. It provides a real access to physical education and sports for all university students.