Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Surgery №4


The clinical bases of department are located in city hospitals, as well as in military hospital that provides with a wide specialization of specialists in different sphere of surgery, and it is very important in academic process, in particular for conformity of its realization due to principles of Bologna process. About 5000 operative interferences are made every year at clinical bases of department of surgery No 4. The heads in divisions of general surgery in Oleksandrivska clinical hospital and KCCH No 9 are employees of our department, who take an active part in its academic, scientific, methodological and clinical life.

Main directions in work of department:

  • Implementation of newest methods for treatment of acute surgical diseases in abdominal cavity organs.
  • Surgical treatment of multifocal atherosclerosis and its complications.
  • Treatment of chronic critical ischemia of lower extremities.
  • Treatment of thrombosis of deep veins in lower extremities and thromboembolism of pulmonary artery.
  • Treatment of ischemic heart disease and pathology of heart valves.
  • Surgical correction of cosmetic defects in the face, body and extremities.
  • Surgical correction of sex at transsexualism.
  • Reconstruction of gullet, trachea, bronchi.

Newest technologies, implemented by employees at department

  • Application of the newest alloplastics in surgery of hernia

Patient with colostomy and granulating eventration before operation

Operation on replacement of defect of abdominal wall with prolene mash, reconstructive coloplasty

After operation

    • Application of column cells in treatment of patients with critical ischemia of lower extremities
DSC05757 DSC00480
Implantation of column cells on the wound to patient with critical ischemia of lower extremities Wound repair in 4 months
  • Launched the surgical treatment of syndrome for compression of vertebral arteries for the first time in Ukraine

Syndrome of extravascular compression of vertebral arteries

  • Application of ultrasound scalpel for dissection of tissues, operations on parenchymatous organs, simultaneous gynecological interferences.

Dissection of tissues by ultrasound scalpel

US harmonic scalpel Ultracision

  • Plasmapheresis at diseases that are accompanied by expressed intoxication and autoimmune diseases.

Performance of plasmapheresis to patient with destructive pancreatitis

Scheme for apparatus of plasmapheresis

  • Implementation of new methods for surgical treatment of patients with disorders of hemostasis, in particular at hemophilia.

Pseudotumor of hip in patient with hemophilia A.

Synovectomia from knee joint in patient with hemophilia.

Prosthesis of knee joint.

  • Implementation of new technologies for fixation of tissues in plastic surgery

New methodology for fixation of tissues at mammoplasty.

  • Correction of sex at transsexualism

Man >woman

Woman > man

The department actively cooperates with surgical departments at Bogomolets NMU and P.L. Shupyka NMAPE, as well as with other medical establishments of Ukraine and c. Kyiv. The active exchange of experience is carried out. Leading specialists are involved into operations.

Chief surgeon at MHC of Ukraine academician P.D. Fomin performs the complex operation together with professor Mishalov V.G. and assistant professor Balaban O.V.

Perspective for development:

Implementation of traditional operations and development and implementation of new technologies.

Vascular surgery:

  • Operations on brachiocephalic arteries, aorta (prosthesis and endovascular interference), periphery vessels.
  • Laser surgery of veins
  • Cellular therapy

General surgery:

  • Enlargement in volume of laparoscopic interferences
  • Simultaneous operations
  • Methods for extracorporal detoxification.

Plastic surgery:

  • Treatment of transsexualism
  • Bariatric surgery.

Clinical bases of department:

І. Main clinical base:

Oleksandrivska city clinical hospital in c. Kyiv: Shovkovychna str., 39/1, block 6-A.

Oleksandrivska city clinical hospital, block 6A

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Director of clinic: Doctor of Medicine, professor Mishalov Volodymyr Grygorovych

Divisions of clinic:

1. Division of general surgery.

Block 6-A, 5 th floor, ph.: 287-37-60.

Head at division: assistant professor Goyda S.M.

List of medical services, which are rendered in division of general surgery:

Surgical treatment of all urgent diseases in abdominal cavity organs;

Surgical treatment of abdominal hernia, including giant, combined and recurrent hernia. Hernioplasty using allografts and own tissues;

Surgical treatment of cosmetic defects in the front abdominal wall (abdominalplasty), including in combination with other diseases in abdominal cavity organs.

Surgical treatment of diseases in abdominal region of gullet: membranaceous hernia, esophageal achalasia;

Operations at pathology of stomach and DPC: vagotomy (all kinds), pyloroplasty, gastric resection, gastrectomy, endoscopic removal of gastric polyps;

Operations at diseases of the liver and extrahepatic biliary tracts: laparoscopic and open cholecystectomy, all kinds of biliodigestive anastomosis, resection of liver, hepatic cyst excision, hernihepatectomy, UHF destruction of metastasis.

Operations at combined pathology of abdominal cavity organs;

Surgical treatment of chronic intestine blockage, chronic fasteners, atonic colitis.

Surgical treatment of rectum diseases: hemorrhoids, paraproctitis, fistula, neoplasms.

Surgical treatment of varicose vein disease in lower extremities.


2. Division of vascular surgery:

Block 6, floor 4, ph.: (044) 255 15 48

Head: Candidate of Medicine, Beychuk Sviatoslav Volodymyrovych

List of medical services, which are rendered in division of vascular surgery:

Surgical treatment of pathology in coronary circulation;

Surgical treatment of injuries of aorta in chest and abdominal sections (acute dissection, chronic aneurisms), pathology of vessels in aortal arch;

Surgical treatment of pathology in great vessels;

Surgical treatment of chronic venous insufficiency

Examination and treatment of patients with thromboembolism of pulmonary artery and postthromboembolic pulmonary hypertension


ІІ. Kyiv city clinical hospital No 9

Kyiv city clinical hospital No 9, surgical block

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c. Kyiv. Shevchenkivskyy district, Ryzhzka str., 1, KCCH No 9, 5 th floor (surgical division, scientific practical center on diagnostics and treatment of patients with pathology of hemostasis).

Head in surgical division, assistant professor in department of surgery No 4 Sopko Oleksander Ivanovych

Phone (doctors’ rooms 440-03-22)


1. Urgent and selective abdominal, purulent surgery in patients with disorders of hemostasis.

2. Laparoscopic surgery:

  • Diagnostic laparoscopy
  • Cholecystectomy
  • Appendectomy
  • Sealing of ruptured ulcer by laparoscopic method.

3. Operative interferences in patients with acquired disorders of hemostasis system.

4. Operative interferences in patients with hemophilia:

  • Synovectomia
  • Removal of pseudoumors
  • Prosthesis of hip and knee joints

ІІІ. Chief medical clinical Order Red Star center “Chief military clinical hospital” Address: 01133, Kyiv, Gospitalna str., 18, surgical block, clinic of vascular surgery, 4 th floor. Scientific supervisor in clinic of vascular surgery professor Cherniak Viktor Anatoliyovych.

Chief military clinical hospital

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List of medical services, which are rendered in clinic of vascular surgery:

  • operations on aorta and its branches (at aneurisms of abdominal section of aorta, mesenterial ischemia, injury of renal arteries, ischemia of spinal chord);
  • operations on arteries (on occasion of acute and chronic complications of obliterative diseases and aneurism of great arteries in upper and lower extremities);
  • operations in case of injuries in extracranial arteries (arterial sclerotic disease of carotid, subclavicular, spinal arteries, pathological twisting and compression injuries of arteries, syndrome of spinal artery);
  • operative treatment of varicose disease in lower extremities (due to classical methodology and using minimum invasive technologies – scleroobliteration of veins, radiofrequency ablation);
  • treatment of acute and chronic pathology of deep and surface veins, their complications (thrombophlebitis, thrombosis of deep veins, thromboembolism of pulmonary artery, post-thrombotic syndrome);
  • treatment of trophic ulcers in lower extremities;
  • operations for creation of vascular access for patients with hemodialysis;
  • operations for angiodysplasia and tumor of blood-vessels (hemangioma, arteriovenous fistula);
  • treatment of varicocele;

IV Kyiv city clinical hospital No 17 Address: Kyiv, Laboratornyy prov., street, 18, block No 3, division of thoracic surgery for adults. Phone: (044) 528 74 83. Scientific consultant from department of surgery No 4: Doctor of Medicine, assistant professor Vereshchako Roman Ivanovych


KCCH No 17

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List of medical services, which are rendered in clinic of thoracal surgery

  • Surgery of lungs at benign and malign neoplasms, pyogenic processes and inborn pathology;
  • Surgery of diaphragm (diaphragm hernia, relaxation of diaphragm, tumors)
  • Surgery of mediastinum (mediastinitis, benign and malign tumors)
  • Surgery of tumors in thoracic wall.
  • Treatment of scary stenosis of gullet.
  • Reconstructive surgery of gullet, trachea and bronchi at benign and malign neoplasms and scary stenosis

Colonic plastics of gullet

Reconstructive surgery of bronchi

Endophoto on the 3 rd and 7 th day after operation

V State establishment Republican clinical hospital of MHC of Ukraine

Address: Kyiv, prov. Yuriia Kotsuybynskogo str., 9, phone: (044) 486-16-35. Scientific supervisor of clinic professor Khrapash Vasyl Vasylyovych.

SE Republican clinical hospital of MHC of Ukraine

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The surgical division includes general surgical, gynecological and reanimation beds:

Main list of operations that are made:

  • Surgical treatment of abdominal hernia. Hernioplasty using allografts and own tissues,
  • Surgical treatment of cosmetic defects in the front abdominal wall (abdominoplastics), including in combination with other diseases of abdominal cavity organs.
  • Laparoscopic and open cholecystectomy.
  • Surgical treatment of varicose vein disease in lower extremities,
  • Traditional and endoscopic face lifting;
  • Use of fillers and botox;
  • Rhinoplasty (mainly closed);
  • Otoplasty, plastics and endoprosthesis replacement of lacteal glands;
  • Removal of benign neoplasms and gel from them;
  • Restoration of the breast after its removal, including on occasion of oncologic disease;
  • Lipoplasty, lipofilling;
  • Endoprosthesis replacement of buttocks, shins, testicles;
  • Surgical change of sex;
  • Endoscopic and open gynecological interferences.