Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Therapeutic Dentistry


Borysenko Anatoliy

Doctor of Medical Science, Professor.

Honored Scientist of Ukraine.

The Department is located at: 1 Zoologichna St., Dental Corps, 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th floors

The clinical site of the Department is the Dental Medical Center of the National O.O.Bohomolets Medical University

Telephone 483-13-20

e-mail: ter _stom @mail .ru

The Department of Therapeutic Stomatology of the National Medical University contributed much to training of practical and scientific pedagogical specialists – dentists. Totally, for 90 years of its existence, the Department has trained thousands of dentists for all the republics of the ex-USSR and Ukraine. There were defended 23 Doctoral Theses and 107 Master’s Thesis. There were published 49 manuals and monographs, 15 guides, thousands scientific works in journals and collections, including since 1990 there have been published 36 monographs, 12 manuals and hundreds of scientific publications.

Being the first in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union as a part of the first department of the Institute of odontology it is still leading specialized Department of Therapeutic Stomatology in Ukraine.

Scientific contribution is highly praised by the ex-USSR countries specialists and abroad experts. For example, the Russian language textbook “Parodontal Diseases” and “Oral Mucous Membrane Diseases” are used by students in Russia. It is widely recognized in other countries the edition “Oral Mucous Membrane Diseases” (M.F.Danylevsky, V.K.Leontyev, O.F.Nesyn, Zh.I.Rahniy. – Moscow: Medicine, 2001). In Poland its some sections were published in Polish.

Currently, the department is the largest in Ukraine among other specialized departments due to teaching staff. Now the department has Professor – Head of Department, 7 associate professors and 35 assistant, 6 senior laboratory assistants and 6 support specialists. This figure has doubled since early 1990.

The number of the department staff augments. Each graduate student, assistant and the majority of medical residents write the master’s theses. The medium term of PhD thesis writing is 4-5 years. Currently, only 7 of 41specialists are without academic degrees.

The Faculty of Stomatology and the Department of Therapeutic Stomatology evolve constantly and improve due to constant attention of the University Rector, Academician of the national Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Scientist of Ukraine V. Moskalenko. He defined the principles of tactical performance in three critical areas: priority interests of students, new approaches to the educational process and the professional level of teaching staff, continuous improvement of material and technical base of the faculty.