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Child therapeutic dentistry and prevention of dental diseases

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Benefit from existing knowledge is in their application

Treatment of children is one of
most pleasant moments in the work of doctor, because openness
and emotionalism of a child could enliven everyday life
Monica Daublander

Grand opening of the new branch for prevention of dental diseases

At the times of Medical Faculty of the University of Saint Vladimir university clinics enjoyed the great respect . Dental clinic of Bogomolets National Medical University continues with dignity their tradition. Department of Paediatric Dentistry and Prevention of Dental Diseases has the clinical base which provides the opportunity to gain practical mastery of medical skills, and to provide with dental care for children coming from everywhere. Every year the Department Staff provide assistance to more than 50 thousand children. More than 10 thousand children annually receive Consultative assistance. Staff members of the Department carry out numerous consultations for patients on the basis of the Department as well as on the base of other medical clinics and hospitals and in different regions of Ukraine.
Department of the Children’s Stomatology includes medical cabinets, the cabinet for dental prevention which is equipped with modern equipment and tools for practical rendering preventive care for children. On dental exhibitions, in medical institutions of Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine teachers give the lectures and hold practical seminars for the Dentists and Pediatricians. Scientific developments of the Department are actively introduced into practice (introduced more than 50 new methods for prevention, diagnostics and treatment of dental diseases in children), achievements of the Department are showed in medical and educational exhibitions.

In 1999 Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the basis of the Department the Ukrainian scientific and methodological center for primary prevention of dental diseases was creaetd. The purpose of the Center is a scientific justification, methodological and organizational support for primary prevention of dental children’s diseases in Ukraine. State Primary Prevention Program of Dental Diseases of Children has been developed.
Department and its Head, Professor L. O. Khomenko who for over 10 years was the Chief Freelance Expert on children’s dentistry of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine were organizational-determining factors of establishsing the secondary school educational program on mouth hygiene which was held in conjunction with the Association of Dentists. For 8 years of the time of implementation of the program about 500 thousand children of different regions of Ukraine have been covered.

The department staff have been actively involved into the development of protocols and standards of dental care for children.
A new form of co-operation with the dentists of children’s profile have become the master-classes held on the basis of the Department and Training Center UAPPD, after having passed which doctors can learn new dentistry methods, get acquainted with the newest achievements of prophylaxis and dental treatment of children. Regular off-site seminars in different cities of Ukraine are held.

The masterclass held in the Training Center UAPPD

Classes with the Executives of Children’s Dentistry Branches in Kyiv

Day of dental health of 2008 held at the boarding school for children with low vision in Boiarka

Teachers of the Department constantly cooperate with the mass media to provide assistance in maintaining of the healthy lifestyle, keeping dental health of the population of Ukraine.
“In medicine the main medicine is the doctor” (A. Kempinsky). Staff of the Department make every effort to ensure that the Ukrainian Children’s Dentistry could ensure health of future citizens of our country.

The worthy estimation of the work all departments was 1 place in the rating won by the National Medical University named after A. A. Bogomolets during 2006/2007 academic year among the clinical departments.