Bogomolets National Medical University

Child therapeutic dentistry and prevention of dental diseases

Teaching and methodological work

Student is nothing capable to became all
Sh. Petefi

Students are unique category of people, for whom the world of universities has been created and any Department owes to them by its existence. As for nowadays students-dentists, their three and a half years out of five of the University study are closely connected to the Department of Children’s Therapeutic Dentistry and Prevention of Dental Diseases. 2-nd year students study the propaedics of paediatric operative dentistry, and 3rd year students study the prevention of dental diseases, the students of 4th and 5th years of study children’s therapeutic dentistry. Each year, about 1000 students study at the Department, among them there are foreign students coming from 26 countries of the world. For the period of existence of the Department material and technical base has been improved which provides high quality of training for the dentists of children’s profile. Great attention is given to improvement of methods of teaching, modern test forms of control of students’ knowledge, innovative technologies of treatment and prevention of children’s dentistry diseases into educational process have been introduced .
Employees of the Department took part in the development of the new Curriculum for medical higher educational institutions of III-IV level of accreditation, the typical and working programs with dynamic efficiency of children’s dentistry for medical institutions of Ukraine. The original method of training of subordinating students for the licensed trial examination called “Step-2” has been developed.
At the present time the Department is the key department in Ukraine on the issues of providing methods of teaching on Therapeutic Paediatric Dentistry, during 1991-2003 it was also the key unit on the methods of teaching on prevention of dental diseases. under the aegis of the Department the regular meetings of the heads of the departments of Children’s Stomatology higher medical schools are held wherein the issues on organization and methodology of teaching, the efficiency and improving forms of control of students are discussed knowledge, and so on.
The Department is the main base of conducting the work with the listeners of the Faculty of Advanced Training – professors of higher medical institutions of Ukraine of III-IV levels of accreditation.

The textbook created by the Department on Children’s Therapeutic Stomatology became not only basic manual here in Ukraine, but also abroad – our colleagues from medical universities of Russia, Belarus use it with great pleasure, as well as they also use other medical training

manuals, issued in Russian by the members of the Department. Methodological support of the educational process at the Department includes teaching methodical investigations for all subjects taught. Ukrainian and Russian languages of published teaching methodical materials have been recently expanded by English, as at the Department the English-speaking students are enrolled and taught in English.

Classes with the listeners of the Faculty for Advanced Training for teachers

Students and their small pupils during the classes organized in kindergarten

Young masters of the Department are in the process of study

Students from Kiev, Moscow, Vinnytsya, Lviv participating in to the intellectual game “Brain Ring in Dentistry”

During the training at the Department students have the opportunity to take serious practical experience –
classes on dental prevention in kindergartens, schools are held students actively work in the units for prevention in clinics during the practice. For subordinating students of 5 year of study hold separate lecture days wherein the future doctors can learn the latest developments in the relevant field. Special attention is paid to teaching of the prevention of dental diseases, as the prevention is considered to be as the main treatment method of future.

Subordinating students during the lecture on children’s dentistry

During the exam on paediatric operative dentistry

Throughout the recent 20 years the Department has conducted the training of doctors and interns with specialization in Children’s dentistry. Typical plan and a program of preparation has been created

Consultations provided by Prof. L. O. Khomenko during the practical classes on paediatric operative dentistry

Foreign students during the practical classes on prevention of dental diseases

organized for internship in given above specialization. During one year of internship studies at the Department about 200 internship doctors take full-time course of internship training. Only since 2005, when 2-year term of internship training was introduced with the specialization in “Dentistry” at the Department about 1000 interns have been trained.
Many talented young people continue their training at the Department, because “a well-educated person differs comparing with ignorant in that he continues to consider his education as incomplete” (K. Symonov). At the Department clinical residents, masters, post-graduate students are trained. The staff of the Department are completed with the best of the best students of the Faculty – they are involved into the studies within the framework of the specialization during their work in the Scientific Students’ Coterie.