Department of urology

Currently, one of the bases of the department is located in a separate five-story building – the Alexander Hospital in Kyiv , which deployed two urological department, intensive care unit , operating unit with a separate operating system for endoscopic operations department extracorporeal lithotripsy , chronic hemodialysis and emergency department . Other clinical site is located in the main building of the Institute of Urology eight- AMS Ukraine , including the clinic , 5 urological departments operating unit with endoscopic operating , ICU . Another clinical base is the State Scientific Institution “Scientific – Practical Centre of Preventive and Clinical Medicine” State administration.

The research activities of the department at this stage is :

– Diagnostic and treatment of inflammatory diseases of the kidneys ;

– Treatment of urolithiasis ;

– Urogynecology systems ;

– Plastic and reconstructive urology ;

– Treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia with a high degree of operational risk;

– Treatment of patients with late-stage prostate cancer ;

– In 2010 the conservative treatment of patients with acute urinary retention, caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia .