Bogomolets National Medical University

The Department of propaedeutics of internal medicine №2

Department of propedeutics of internal medicine No 2
was founded in 1932





Head of the department

Kondratiuk Vitaliy Yevgenovych,

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor



  • The department is located at 26 P. Zaporozhtsia Str.

Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 3, Building 2;

Cycle “Occupational Diseases” – Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №5 (City Center of Occupational Pathology DOS KMDA), 11 Vidpochynku Str. and Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №2, 13 Krakovska Str.

  • Phone 540-96-55
  • e-mail


Disciplines are taught:

  • Specialty 222 “Medicine”: Propaedeutics of internal medicine; Nursing practice; Patients Care
  • Specialty 222 “Medicine”, 225 “Medical Psychology”,

228 Pediatrics – Occupational diseases

  • Specialty 226 “Pharmacy” – First Aid with a Preliminary Medical Practice; Laboratory diagnostics