Department of therapy, infectious disease and dermatology of postgraduate education

Addresses of the Department: 121 Kharkiv highway, Kyiv, 02091

Contact phone number: +380679448921


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Interns at the Department of Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Dermatovenerology of Postgraduate Education obtain specialization in Internal Medicine, General Practice-Family Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Nephrology, and Occupational Diseases.


Сlinical bases of the Department are:


  • Kyiv City Clinical Hospital № 1 (121 Kharkiv highway, Kyiv) –the main base
  • CentralMilitary Clinical Hospital (18 Hospitalna St., Kyiv)
  • Central Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (1 Berdichevska St., Kyiv)
  • Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №9 (1 Rizka St., Kyiv)
  • Kyiv City Clinical Hospital № 3 with the City Scientific and Practical Center of Nephrology and Dialysis (26 Petro Zaporozhets St., Kyiv)
  • Kyiv City Clinical Hospital № 5 (11 Vidpochynku St., Kyiv)
  • The “Olymed” Gastroenterology Center (17/1Metrologicheska St, Kyiv)
  • The “FxMed” Family and Functional Medicine Clinic (15 Bogdana Khmelnytskoho St,Kyiv)
  • The “Super Likar”Medical Center (44 Shevchenko St., Vasylkiv)