Department history of tuberculosis begins back in 1924 when the Kiev Medical Institute associate professorship was created by tuberculosis which was headed by prof. O.I. Sobkevych, and in 1934 – already established TB Department, headed by Professor D.Y. Epstein.


Head of Department phthisiology and pulmonology, MD, Professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine

Vasil Petrenko






Today the Department of phthisiology and pulmonology placed at clinical bases:


Київська міська клінічна протитуберкульозна лікарня №1, Харківське шосе 121/3


In clinical sites chair all classrooms equipped with the necessary minimum of special equipment (Densitometers, stands with educational information, tables, etc.). On the main base (st. Avtozavodska, 68) lecture room equipped with computer projection equipment, computer class functions where the FMC of the (testing).


Tel. (044) 430-42-02