The medical consulting activity at O.O. Bogomolets National medical university is directed to coordination of interaction between clinical structural divisions of the university and medical preventive establishment in c. Kyiv; implementation of developments by clinical departments into practice; organization of scientific practical conferences, performance of preventive examinations of students, rendering the privileged medical preventive care to employees of the university and members of their families; increase of rating for O.O. Bogomolets NMU, explanation of achievements in mass media; organization of duties for specialists in the system of first field consulting aid in Ukraine; exchange of experience in consulting work with specialists at national and foreign medical establishments, implementation of standards for diagnostics and treatment, which are based on data from evidence-based medicine, into medical practice; development and testing of new medical technologies, development of family medicine.

The clinical departments of the university in cooperation with medical preventive establishments in city Kyiv carry out the significant volume of treatment consulting activity.

53 clinical department of O.O. Bogomolets NMU are located at 137 clinical bases in medical preventive establishments of CAHC in city Kyiv, medical establishments of MHC of Ukraine, NAMS of Ukraine and departmental subordination. The scientific potential is concentrated at clinical departments of the University: 110 professors and doctors of medicine, including 16 academicians and corresponding members of NAMS and NAPS of Ukraine, over 200 assistant professors, 440 assistants and about 100 residents. Approximately 82% from employees at clinical departments of the University have the high and first vocational qualification category. The total bed stock, on which base the clinical activity is carried out, is 8.7 ths. beds (approximately 45% from the total amount of bed stock at medical establishments of the city). The employees at clinical departments of the University every year perform the treatment of over 200 ths. patients, including over 80 ths. patients with therapeutic specialization, at these beds. Over 60 ths. surgical and gynecological operative interferences are held, 12 ths. childbirths are taken. 34 ths. children are treated at department of pediatric specialization.

The main clinical base of stomatological faculty at O.O. Bogomolets NMU – Stomatological medical center at O.O. Bogomolets National medical university, at construction of which building the specificity of profiled department was taken into consideration. The stomatological polyclinic, which has the following departments: therapeutic stomatology, parodontics, neurostomatology, surgical stomatology, children’s stomatology, orthodontology, prosthetic dentistry, physiotherapy, roentgenology, clinical and dental laboratories are located in the building in order to improve the professional training of students, their acquisition of practical skills. A number of Republican treatment methodical centers: parodontics, neurostomatology, prevention of stomatological diseases function on the base of polyclinic. At present moment over 300 working places are used that enables providing with individual practical activity for each student.

Approximately 365.2 ths. patients, including 55.4 ths. children, aged less 14 years, every year attend the Stomatological medical center at O.O. Bogomolets NMU. 165 ths. fillings are made every year, approximately 40 ths. operative interferences are made in the oral cavity, 19 ths. dental prostheses and 3.5 ths. orthodontic appliances are made. Approximately 1.4 ths. patients are served in average every day. The professorial teaching staff at stomatological faculty cooperates with kindergartens, schools, children’s homes. The department of children’s therapeutic stomatology renders the treatment and consulting aid to 12 schools, 5 preschool establishments in city Kyiv; and the department of surgical stomatology and facial surgery of children’s age – to 12 children’s homes in Ukraine.

 There are approximately 80 units of expensive apparatuses for the total sum of about UAH 40 mln: 4 cryosurgical devices “Cryo-pulse”, 46 ultrasound apparatuses, laparoscopic set for cholecystectomy and gynecology, endoscopic equipment for laparoscopic interferences, 7 endoscopic systems, 4 X-ray apparatuses and machines, 3 anesthetic systems, atomic-absorption spectrometer at clinical departments of the University in order to render highly skilled medical aid to population.

Some kinds of medical aid are organized only at clinical bases of the University: hemodialysis at acute and chronic renal insufficiency in children of young age, treatment of acute coronary syndrome by method of X-ray surgery. The employees at clinical departments took an active part in the measures, anticipated by interdepartmental programs “Health of Kyivans for 2003-2011” and “Health of nation”. The employees take the constant part in duties by calls from regional center of first consulting medical aid. Four employees at departments of the university are the main extraordinary specialists at MHC of Ukraine, 6 – chief specialists at CAHC in city Kyiv. 9 republican and 20 city specialized centers that coordinate the activity of interregional centers, city clinics actively work on the base of clinical departments at the university. Over 50 scientific practical conferences, congresses, seminars are held every year with participation of employees at clinical departments. 16 persons from heads and teachers of clinical departments are the chief editors of medical magazines.

The employees of clinical departments at O.O. Bogomolets NMU take part in the meeting of the National council on issues of health care for population of Ukraine at President of Ukraine, in selective councils of MHC of Ukraine.