Bogomolets National Medical University



The Library of O.O. Bogomolets NMU sincerely thanks the patrons for presented textbooks, monographs, study guides, lectures, practicum, reading books.

Holubovska Olha Anatoliivna, professor, head at department of infectious diseases

– Malaria: monograph / O.A. Holubovska, A.V. Shkurba, L.A. Kolos. – K.: VSI “Medicine”, 2015. – 288 p.

Kniazeva Maryna Vladyslavivna, professor at department of biochemistry at Kharkiv V.N. Karazin National University – Kniazeva M.A. Course of lectures in biochemistry (for students of medical higher schools): Study guide. 6th edition, amended and added. – K. – Publisher Rozhko S.H., 2017.-332 p.

Liubchak Vladyslav Viktorovych, Candidate of Medicine and collective of authors – Liubchak V.O. Production transfusiology: monograph / V.V. Liubchak, V.P. Liubchak, A.S. Tymchenko, V.A. Smiianov. – Sumy: Sumy State University, 2017. – 272 p.

Panchenko Oleh Anatoliiovych, professor, director of SE “Scientific Practical Medical Rehabilitation Diagnostic Center at MH of Ukraine (c. Donetsk) – Medical and psychological control for human conditions: collection of scientific papers / Edited by O.A. Panchenko. – IPP “Contrast”, 2016.- 288 p.-
– Panchenko O.A. Information safety of child / O.A. Panchenko. – K.: KVIC. 2016 – 380 p. – 2 copies.

Sekela Mykhailo Vasylyovych, head at department of thoracic surgery at Lviv regional phthisiopulmonology center – Sekela M.V. Emergencies in thoracic surgery: monograph: in 2 books / [scientific editor professor V.V. Boiko]. Lviv: Spolom, 2015 . – ISBN 978-966-919-088-8. [Book 2.]: Emergencies in thoracic surgery at traumas and fire wounds / M.V. Sekela, V.V. Makarov, I.A. Kalabukha et al. – 2017. – 240 p.
– Mykolyshyn L.I., Piskur Z.I. Organization for detection and diagnostics of extra breast tuberculosis at children: Study guide. – Lviv: LNMU, 2016.- 108 p.

Chaban Oleh Sozontovych, professor, head at department of psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy

– Communicative skills of doctor. Summary of lectures / under general editorship of O.S. Chaban.- К.: LAT&K, 2017.- 152 p.

– Practicum in improvement of stress resistance and extension of adaptation possibilities at organism / Edited by professor, Doctor of Medicine O.S. Chaban. – K.: “Doctor-Media-Group” LLC, 2017, 150 p.

– Psychotherapeutic clinic. Reading book. Volume 1 / [Verbenko V.A., Verbenko N.V., Klynkov V.N. et al]; edited by V.P. Samokhvalov, O.S. Chaban. – Ternopil, TSMU, 2012 – 428 p.

– Chaban O., Khaustova E., Zhabenko E., Zhabenko N., Oleinik A. Anxiety: history of super anxious people. -К., 2012.-130 p.
– Communication skills. Lectures short course. / gen. ed. O. Chaban.- K.: LAT&K, 2017.- 152 p.
Freight Volodymyr Mykhailovych, professor at department of phthisiology and pulmonology at Lviv Danylo Halytskyi National Medical University

– Freight V.M. My life and work. – Drohobych VF “Vidrodzhennia”, 2012.-136 p.
– Freight V.M. Lung tuberculosis and its etiotropic and pathogenetic therapy. – Drohobych VF “Vidrodzhennia”, 2017. -136 p.