Bogomolets National Medical University


The training on basics of Chinese traditional medicine for 11 young specialists of NMU started on 10, March, 2014 within Agreement about academic cooperation between Bogomolets NMU, Gansu University of traditional Chinese medicine and health care department of that province. The study will be held at university hospitals No 1 and 2 at University of TCM. Among trainees there is the assistant at department of neurology Candidate of Medicine Anton Volosovets, post graduate students Vladislav Moroz, Lev Prystupiuk, Natalia Dynnyk, Ganna Radysh, Master’s Degree Students Kateryna Murlanova, Kateryna Gaponova, Viacheslav Krasiuk, Liudmyla Naumova, Oksana Goroschuk. The head of the group – assistant at department of neurology and rehabilitation medicine Candidate of Medicine Oleksa Golovchanksyy, famous specialists in Chinese traditional medicine, who can fluently speak Chinese. The study will last 4 weeks. The lectures and practical classes will be held by famous in PRC scientists-specialists in TCM professors and assistant professors at University of TCM. They are for example such courses as “Analysis for ways to promote health in TCM” (professor Van Lunde), “Diagnostics of internal diseases tzan-sian” (professor Chzhao Kunpen), “Study about factors for diseases and theories of pathogenesis in terms of TCM”, “Main health supports during 24 seasons” (professor Ma Hunbin), “Theories of treatment technique in TCM” (professor Tyan Yunpin, assistant professor Hou Chunyin), “Surgery in TCM” (professor Lu Yanpin) and many other interesting and useful for modern doctor and scientist questions. The working day of our trainees lasts 8-10 hours; the head of the group Oleksander Mykolayovych Golovchanskyy continues the classes in the evening in the format of round table. Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (until 2011 – college) was established in 1978 as an independent educational establishment, which aims to train the specialists in traditional Chinese medicine for health care in PRC. Today it has about 5 thousands students, provides with medical and pharmaceutical education due to the levels of bachelor, master, Doctor of Philosophy at 13 specialties (including TCM, clinical medicine, integrative clinical medicine pursuant to traditional Chinese and Western medicine, management in health care, public health, state management, international economics in medicine and pharmacy, nursing, etc.). The establishment has three institutes, six university hospitals and 51 clinical academic bases with capacity of 17,971 beds. The total amount of employees at university is 2,600 persons, among them 1,500 professors, assistant professors, teachers of higher and secondary level. Gansu University of TCM supports about 390 scientific projects, among them 68 are honored with state awards for outstanding achievements in the sphere of science and technology, as well as pedagogy. The scientists of establishment are proud of outstanding project in TCM Dun Huang, who received the national award and is assessed as a scientific work of world class.
University of TCM develops the scientific and academic cooperation with many establishments in the world, including the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 2013 they launched the cooperation with Bogomolets National medical university.
Let’s remind that 12 doctors-dentists from medical preventive establishments in province Gansu passed through training on urgent issues in modern dentistry at Dental medical center of NMU during 4 weeks in November-December 2013. The doctors passed through study on advanced technologies for prevention of dental diseases, periodontology, orthodontics, implantology, traumatology of maxillo-facial area, etc.