Bogomolets National Medical University



Studying the principles of internal medicine takes the important place in training of students in dental faculty as the specificity of their further activity requires the skills of wide clinical thinking during professional assessment of field-specific patients. It is generally known that the manifestation of some diseases of internal organs starts from the change in the tunica mucosa of mouth that incites a patient to address to the dentist.

The department of internal diseases in dental faculty (head – professor A.S. Svintsitskyi) provides with performance of practical training (2nd course), as well as teaching the academic disciplines “Propedeutics of internal medicine” (2nd course), “Internal medicine” (3-4 courses) and “Extreme and first aid” (5th course) for dental students. While studying on bases of department, the students learn the skills of communication with patients, take part in clinical rounds, consultations, clinical discussions of serious patients, learn the modern laboratory instrumental methods of research and international standards in treatment of the main somatic nosologies, on their own perform the curation of patients at therapeutic departments of hospital with further writing the academic medical history. The special attention is paid to study of interaction between internal pathology and changes, which are found in mouth cavity, as well as definition of tactics for dental aid depending on peculiarities of diseases of internal organs.

The department constantly updates the base of academic methodic materials that includes the tests from bank “KROK-2” and “STEP-2” with comments, packages of laboratory instrumental researches to each practical class, situational tasks in emergencies conditions, examination packages to perform the final modular control with standards for answers in three languages for students of the 2nd-5th courses. The active work in preparation of video presentations to improve the perception and learning the academic material is now run. At department there are the educational mannequins and moulages to perform the cardiopulmonary resuscitation, moulages for intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous injections, apparatuses for registration of ECG, tonometers, etc.

The use of modern educational technologies will assist to further increase in level of knowledge at dental students and will allow approaching them to conditions of profession activity.

Department of internal diseases in dental faculty