Bogomolets National Medical University



The students and labor collective of NMU announced about permanent strike at higher school.

The strike was announced in connection with unprecedented brutal and illegal interference of management at Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine into independence and self-government of O.O. Bogomolets NMU that is a flagrant violation of Part 3 Art. 2 Law of Ukraine “About higher education”, Constitution of Ukraine and other acts of legislation that guaranty the autonomy of higher schools in Ukraine.

The management of MHC (namely the first deputy of Uliana Suprun Oleksandr Linchevskyi) systematically during 2017-2018, infringing the requirements of law and exceeding his authorities, misusing the power, gave the written instructions to the University to infringe the law under the threat for punishment of dismissal, to perform the embezzlement of budget funds in very large volume by passing the compulsory tender procedures, anticipated by law.

Due to categorical refusal by Rector of University to perform the illegal orders by MHC – the management of the Ministry established the punitive commission at the head of the first deputy of Uliana Suprun Oleksandr Linchevskyi, and the rector of university was illegally removed from fulfillment of her duties.

Such actions by management of MHC directly infringe Art. 19 in Constitution of Ukraine according to which the legal order in Ukraine is based on principles pursuant to which no one can be enforced to make anything that is not anticipated by legislation.

Such actions by management of MHC include the infringement of norms in Law of Ukraine “About prevention from corruption”, including making the reprisal for University using its powers, the management of MHC admitted the conflict of interests, in which it continues illegally acting until now.

The labor collective of O.O. Bogomolets NMU emphasizes that the right to elect the university administration exclusively belongs to labor collective of higher school.

The non-transparent, without any motivation, appointment of acting rector by MHC at its own discretion for the time of work for punitive commission, who has no relation to Scientific Council of University is the impudent ignoring the thought of labor collective at higher school. This is the demonstration of absolute disrespect of legislation of Ukraine by management of MHC that guaranties the self-government and independence of higher schools and all its employees.

Unfortunately, instead of immediate termination in self-will of its deputies, the acting minister of health care Uliana Suprun continues her inactivity, hiding their illegal actions.

MHC decided to put the whole university to the knees, having blocked the payouts of stipendiums to students and salaries to labor collective, having illegally deprived the legally elected administration of higher school of the right for banking signature, about what the Ministry informed in its official website on 23, February, 2018.

The students and employees of university declare that such inexpensive manipulations and unhidden pressure on the part of management of MHC is unacceptable. We are not the slaves.

The times of totalitarian state management for higher schools have remained in the communist past. The infringement of the law, corrupted activity of management of MHC ruins the democratic principles, which is the guaranty for successful future of Ukrainian state.

Thus, starting since Monday, 26, February, 2018 the educational process and scientific activity at O.O. Bogomolets NMU are completely stopped for an indefinite period of time, and all premises of University will be inaccessible for visitors, except the premises of clinics, where the patients are treated. The right for strike is fixed by Article 44 in Constitution of Ukraine and Article 4 in European Social Charter.

The strike is announced by strike committee, which included on the part of studentship the representatives from Students’ parliament of University, Students’ PO “Studentska dovira”, students’ trade union committee and students’ active group. On the part of labor collective at Bogomolets NMU – deans and pro-rectors, trade union committee of university.

The coordinator of strike committee from labor collective was elected the dean of medical faculty No 2 Litvinova Nataliia Yuriivna. The coordinators of strike committee on the part of studentship were elected Serhii Surovtsev – Chairman in students’ council of dental faculty and Chairman of PO “Studdovira” – Vasyl Hiliuk.

We appeal and demand from:

  • President of Ukraine, as a Guarantor of Constitution of Ukraine, immediately to interfere into situation and within the powers, granted to You by the Main Law of Ukraine, Mr. President, to take the immediate actions to protect and to renew our constitutional rights and democratic values.
  • Chairman in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, as a legislative authority of Ukraine, which according to i. 13 Art. 85 in Constitution of Ukraine runs the control for activity by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine immediately to establish the commission to investigate the misuses by management of MHC and to start the procedure to remove the minister of health care Uliana Suprun and her political team of deputies from fulfillment of duties.
  • Prime-Minister of Ukraine, as a head of Government of Ukraine, immediately to appoint the commission to investigate the illegal activity by management of MHC and for the time of such investigation to remove the minister of health care Uliana Suprun from fulfillment and duties and to remove her deputies from fulfillment of their duties.
  • Chairman in National Agency for Prevention from Corruption shall immediately start investigating the infringements in anticorruption legislation on the part of management of MHC and for the time for performance of the investigation to give the instruction about removal of management of MHC from fulfillment of their duties.
  • Acting minister of health care of Ukraine:

(1) to cancel the illegal order by MHC about illegal removal of rector at O.O. Bogomolets NMU Kateryna Amosova and appointment of Oleksandr Linchevskyi as the chairman in punitive commission for non-fulfillment of illegal instructions by Oleksandr Linchevskyi and appointment of acting rector of university Mykhailo Zakharash.

(2) Immediately to provide with performance of integrated licensing exam KROK 1. Dentistry according to requirements of legislation of Ukraine;

(3) Publicly to apologize to the students of Bogomolets NMU for offensive words by its subordinates that publicly called us, the students, “unintelligible people”;

(4) To stop the inactivity and during 10 days publicly to promulgate the procedure for employment of graduates from higher school and their enrollment to internship

We address and ask:

  • Office of Council of Europe in Ukraine;
  • Representative Office of European Union in Ukraine
  • Diplomatic Corps of Foreign States in Ukraine

Carefully to watch for infringements in democratic rights and freedoms of students and employees of independent, self-governing higher school and to take all measures within the competence to prevent from devastation of the Rule of Law and human rights in Ukraine/

Strike Committee of O.O. Bogomolets NMU