Bogomolets National Medical University



The 2nd Grant conference of students in O.O. Bohomolets NMU took place on 31, May, 2016.

The jury of the conference consisted of members in Scientific coordination council with the head of pro-rector on scientific work, professor T.M. Cherenko and was represented by respectful judge collective consisting of academician in NAS and NAMS of Ukraine, head at department of surgery No 3, professor P.D. Fomin, academician in NAMS of Ukraine, head at department of pediatrics No 4, professor V.G. Maydannyk, corresponding member in NAMS of Ukraine, head at department of histology and embryology, professor Yu.B. Chaykovskyy, head at department of dentistry of postgraduate education, professor M.Yu. Antonenko, head at department of orthopedics and traumatology, professor O.A. Burianov, head at department of clinical immunology and allergology with section of medical genetics, professor A.I. Kurchenko, head at department of topographic anatomy and operative surgery, professor V.A. Cherniak, pro-rector on international relations, professor O.V. Linovytska, director in Dental medical center of NMU professor A.V. Kopchak, director in Scientific research institute of experimental and clinical medicine, professor L.V. Natrus, acting head at scientific research unit A.V. Dinets.

The conference was opened by pro-rector on scientific work, professor T.M. Cherenko. She in her speech emphasized the main principles for Grant conference, welcomed the members in Scientific coordination council, winners in the previous conference, competitors of this year and attendants and wished the fruitful work to all.

The program of the conference started from speeches by winners in the 1st Grant conference of students (it took place on 27.05.2015), who presented their reports about researches, performed during the year. The first report was made by graduate from O.O. Bohomolets NMU Mykhaylo Kolotylo about fulfillment of work on topic “Myoglobin as a diagnostic criterion at pathology of periphery nerves”, after that he answered the questions from members in jury and attendants of the conference and informed that he will continue working on this topic further. The relay race of speeches was continued by the student of the 5th course in medical faculty No 1 Solomiia Semeniv, who presented the results from work “Efficiency of sleeve gastrecromy in treatment of adiposity with accompanying hypotheriosis”. She reported about statistical authenticity of received results and importance of experimental researches on surgical treatment of adiposity. She also answered the questions of jury and thanked for provided possibility to perform this work. The last from last year’s winners was the student of the 3rd course in medical faculty No 3 Ahmad Juma with the report and results from performed “Research on neuroprotective action of ASIC blocking agent No 005 at lithium pilocarpin model of epilepsy”. After the speech A. Juma emphasized that despite the long process for implementation of the agent under research into clinical practice he and his scientific supervisors in his research could prove it efficiency in vivo.

The program of the conference was continued by speeches from competitors in the 2nd Grant conference, who presented the projects of their researches:

1.    Turuk Lesya Serhiivna, student of the 5th course in medical faculty No 2, – “Definition of efficiency in regeneration of periphery nerve after electric welding of epineurium in experiment on the base of dynamics in electroneuromyography indices”;

2.    Druzenko Maksym Gennadiyovych, student of the 4th course in medical faculty No 3 – “Peculiarities for influence of biofilm formation on activity and chronization of pyelonephritis at children and possibilities of correction”;

3.    Gorovtsova Maryana Viktorivna, student of the 5th course in medical faculty No 1 – “Peculiarities for Icc-channels in nuclear membrane of cardiomyocytes and their role in development of myocardial hypertrophy”.

After the discussions of projects were finished the speech was made by pro-rector on scientific work, professor T.M. Cherenko, who emphasized the importance of Grant conference for development of students’ science, as well as she reminded about necessity in observance of all rules for modern science and constant improvement of quality in students’ researches. After that the members in jury proceeded to assessment of works, and the participants and guests of the Conference had the possibility to listen to extraordinary interesting lecture by professor Jeffrey Ansersen (USA) on topic “The impact of clinical trials and guidelines in advancing medical practice”. The scientist told about the main principles for performance of modern clinical researches, their statistical authenticity and perspectives for further development of evidence-based medicine.


The pro-rector on scientific work, professor T.M. Cherenko expressed the sincere gratitude to professor Andersen. As well, Tetiana Makarivna announced about necessity for members in Scientific coordination council to get acquainted with all material, submitted to organizing committee by competitors, in this connection about postponement in definition of results from the conference.

The conference was finished with the lecture by deputy director in Fulbright program of academic exchanges in Ukraine Inna Barysh. She told about opportunities of this program for medical students, famous Ukrainian graduates from this program, and main requirements to competitors, rules and periods for submission of documents, exams, which should be taken for participation in the program. The students showed the high interest in presented material and expressed the gratitude to the lecturer.
O.A. Kysil SSS