Bogomolets National Medical University



Today I had the meeting with Vice-president of Ukraine Mr. P.V. Rozenko with the petition to solve the issue about immediate provision of NMU with permit to use its special fund (receipts from paid services) for payment of services from Testing Center for students and interns, who study for budget funds (see the letter).

Briefly about problem:

– Order from MHC No 105, which is the only regulatory document that governs the payment by higher schools for the services from Testing Center at the expense of funds, received for paid services, dd. 1999;

– “Krok-1. Dentistry” on 20, February was broken down by Testing Center under pretence of non-conclusion of agreement with NMU;

– next “Krok” – “Krok-3” – on 27, March;

– according to Art. 48 in Budget Code with last revision in 2015 “the managers of budget funds (this is NMU) undertake the budget liabilities and make the payment only within budget allocations, established by estimates”;

– MHC did not meet the budget request of NMU for 2018 and approved the expenditures of general fund (for budget students) to code “services (except communal ones)” within the volume of UAH 300 ths. instead of 456 ths.;

– MHC did not provide with any answer to 2 letters from NMU, dd. 15 and 19, February with the request to allocate this money.

It would allow “gaining time” to settle the issue with annual agreement with University. Having set this problematic aspects, I asked Mr. P.V. Rozenko personally to interfere into the situation that is a subject of acute worry among university community, in order the University would receive the permit to use its special fund to lose “the gap” in the appropriate article of expenditures in general fund, which was created as a result from failure of MHC timely to approve the planned expenses at NMU. The provision with fulfillment of curriculum by our students and interns shall be implemented only within the legal field that is a common responsibility of NMU administration and highest authorities of executive power.

K.M. Amosova