Bogomolets National Medical University



On February 9th, 2018, the Department for International Cooperation with The Department for Work with the Foreign Students along with the Deanery of the Foreign Students held a meeting with the Faculty of training foreign students. To our knowledge, it seems to be difficult for most international students to adapt to the learning process. So the purpose of the meeting was to find out what difficulties our international students face and what distress they feel during the learning process, and how the administration of the University can help them with solving their problems and making the study process comfortable.

At the meeting students from different specialties (medical, dentistry, pharmaceutical) were present. The students were given a presentation on “Information Resources”. By this presentation students were informed how to use the website of their faculty ( to be able to find all the necessary information they need concerning the learning process, administrative documents and applications. The students were pointed out that on this website they can also look up all the news concerning the life of the University. When discussing the learning process, it was once again explained to the students how to make up missed class. We also stated that it is important for our international students to take part in the extracurricular scientific activities and conferences. After the presentation students had time for conversation with the administration of the University during which they made their statements of concern and asked questions. The students very satisfied with the ability to have a conversation with the administration and that their opinions were heard.

In conclusion we believe that holding such meetings with our international students is necessary and useful. Such meeting will be on regular basis every other month. This way we can hear the student’s problems face-to-face and better understand all the difficulties that they have. In result the administration of the University will take measures of adequate changes for making the students’ life within NMU more comfortable and fun.

Deanery of the Foreign Students,
Department for Work with the Foreign Students,
Department for International Cooperation