Bogomolets National Medical University



The distance education rapidly comes into our life. It is hard to imagine a specialist, who would not at least once pass through study in the internet. The need in study in issues of tuberculosis is urgent as today the approaches to diagnostics and control of disease are changed. All we know about tuberculosis quickly become out of date, so, there is the need in re-education of a great number of general practitioners.

The head at department of phthisiology and pulmonology at O.O. Bogomolets NMU Vasyl Petrenko and assistant professor at department Mariia Dolynska took part in preparation of combined intra-extramural course for postgraduate training of phthisiologists “Chemoresistant tuberculosis”, which will be soon launched by Center of Public Health at Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The course anticipates five modules of lectures and practical tasks, designed for five weeks. Due to results from independent work the participants will be invited to the brief intramural part, which main part is to consolidate the knowledge and skills, already received. Although the cycle is designed for doctors- phthisiologists, separate fragments of lectures and, in particular, the elements of infographics will be useful for students. As the topic of the course concerns the acutest problem of tuberculosis in Ukraine – resistance of causative agent to the main antituberculous medicines and choice for methods of treatment under these complex conditions.

Besides, the students may pass through online tests for preparation to practical classes and watch the educational videos in other problems of tuberculosis, in particular, extrapulmonary tuberculosis, combination of tuberculosis and HIV-infection. These materials are also prepared with participation of employees at department of phthisiology and pulmonology and are available at National Resource Center in Tuberculosis.

Department of phthisiology and pulmonology