Bogomolets National Medical University


Our sincere congratulations, dear colleagues, on coming Easter Day. The miracle of Christ Resurrection strengthens our faith in victory of the good over the evil, the life over the death. We open our souls to the God; ask to fill them with spiritual power and hope. We believe that all trials are given to everyone according to its power. We always ask Him to protect and to support and thank for everything He sends to us.
Let God’s blessing always be the warranty for the peace in our land. We shall make sure that each human is born for good matters and creations, the tolerance is awarded with the victory and the honest life is crowned with the glory. Let’s aim our prayers to heavenly thoughts and let the Light of the Easter Day inspire us for the good, call to the charity, add the inspiration and powers in the name of Ukrainian prosperity.
With all our hearts we wish the soulful innocence, harmony and calmness in family homes to everyone. Let the God present the love, glory, peace and unison for many years to everyone. We wish you and your family to feel the plenitude of the life, generosity of Ukrainian land and family warmth.
Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!
Acting rector in Bogomolets NMU,
Professor K.M. Amosova